The London Piano Master Music Academy Classes will be held throughout the year at the student's house or in one of the several music locations more convenient for the student and will conclude with a Gala Concert and Award Ceremony at the prestigious Steinway Hall  in London. 

Each participant will receive up to 33 individual lessons for a full Academic Year, with Two weeks Half Term holiday (the second week to be personally planned in schedule with the student's family vacation for each term) and the official End of Year LPM Diploma.
Students will be encouraged to confront their learning experiences and discover more aspects of the instrument performance and techniques with our Professional Concert Masters

They will be offered as well the unique possibility to improve their sight-reading technique with the exclusive classes of Solfege, Theory, Chamber Music and Ensemble subject to the number of subscriptions received and organized accordingly. 
More specifically, the Theory lesson will offer: 
Theory for grades
Classical or Jazz Harmony
Classical or Jazz Arranging and Composing
Jazz Improvisation
Rhythmic skills
Aural training

At the end of every Term each student will enjoy the opportunity to perform on stage at the Christmas and End of Year Gala Concert where a Video will be recorded

Children's Corner
An exciting and varied set of individual classes and concerts for young musicians from beginners  till the piano level equivalent of the British Grade 5.
In particular, we will be offering tailored classes to suit younger student's maturity and concentration skills, in order to confront their sensibility and nourish their interest for the instrument chosen. 
Each student will receive up to 33 individual lessons with young and skilled professors from our internationally renowned faculty, alongside with the unique possibility to perform in the Christmas and End of Year Concerts. Through the recording of their own performances and confronting it with the other student's concerts, we will stimulate their imagination and passion for the music. 
Children from the early age will be encouraged in exploring the different possibilities of their chosen instrument, from the classical to the modern styles, until a more focused interest to confront their achievements in the Grade Examinations will bring them to be able to compete for the most exclusive Secondary School Music Scholarships.

Michelangeli International Academy
An exclusive, diversified set of intensive studies for solo repertoire and Academy Awards. 
Musicians from the British Grade 6 till the Postgraduate Level, the Conservatoires and the Music Academy comparable levels will receive up to 33 individual lessons with professors from our internationally recognized faculty. 
In particular, we will offer the equal possibility to more experienced musicians to enlarge their repertoire from exclusive personal achievement, to official Grade Examinations, until more ambitious Music Competitions and University Music Scholarships.
An essential segment of the Academic Year will be the Concerts at Steinway Hall. The video recording of the student's performance will be important material for personal and future professional use.  
Moreover, our Academy students will be offered the exclusive priority discount for the forthcoming European Summer Masterclasses of the London Piano Masters: a very unique possibility to confront their opinions and impressions with students coming from abroad for completing their knowledge on the different styles and techniques of their instrument.

Adult Academy
Particularly designed to adapt at the busy schedule of the modern working and family life, the adult academy is the best realization of our philosophy: "Music is a wonderful path that anybody can walk at their own time and speed".
Because there is no age to start or take back your musical passion, the programme will follow exclusively the student's needs and inspirations, together with the possibility to arrange more or less than a lesson per week in accordance to the various periods of their working or family schedule.
Students will be able to decide weather to fulfill a personal musical passion or to achieve official grade or more advanced musical studies.
Any concert and activity organized by the London Piano Masters throughout the year will be available but not compulsory: we will encourage to actively participate to the various events, but only after a primary and explicit desire of the student.

Yoga for Musicians
Developing awareness in music performance through yoga.
The purpose of this course is to teach the performer the Yoga postures to practice in order to stretch the body and mind after hours spent at his/her instrument (individual practice, long rehearsals, recording sessions etc). The coaching points of each posture will be aimed to give the performer the chance to discover his/her own body through time, as a personal journey. This course is to guide the performer on how the musical/artistic mind can be helped through true awareness during yoga practice.
This art is about controlling our minds in order to deliver what we really are seeking and want to communicate. Therefore the course will be articulated in:
 - Presence in Performance 
The process of preparing for a concert: performance preparation involves artistic and mental preparation. One cannot perform without the other. 
- The four principles of the mind applied to music
The mind requires lots of attention from us. We are the ones who can keep it alive and strong
- Visualization, Breath and Postures
Become the observer of your self: Visualizing is having a great power of doing anything you want, the way you want. 

Martino's playing and compositions reflect his pacific and creative soul, producing a unique and meditative sound. He believes that music, like meditation, helps one to become a better, more peaceful and patient person. Through the study of music many human qualities such as curiosity, creativity, inner calm, ability to communicate and listen are enhanced; significantly, music is the only art form in which vibrations directly affect the human soul and nervous system.

Sound Engineering Course
Experienced sound engineers will be following each student for a very unique one-to-one recording, mixing and mastering classes in a studio with high professional equipment or at the student's house for setting up and learning the best use of their own instrumentation.
Classes range from basics to advanced techniques. 
In our studio students will have the possibility to  work on a high-end analogue console and Nuendo5 for mixing, Wavelab7 for mastering, Mackie Control 24 channels, Adams monitors, Drawmer/TLAudio compressors and equalizers, TC and Lexicon reverbs, Solid State Logic DSP, Aphex, SPL, ART, Rode, Audio-Technica, Shure  and many other software and hardware devices. . 
If a student already owns a home studio and want to learn how to produce a song maximizing the potential of her/his own equipment, our engineer will be teaching recording to mixing to mastering in the comfort of the student's house and working on their specific projects.
Our engineer professors will be available also for helping setting up the student's studio
Thinking about building your home studio but have no idea of what you are looking for? Or you simply need advices about software and hardware available on the market to be sure to make the right decisions and buy the best equipment? 
Different needs require different equipment and the opinion of an experienced sound engineer - who has no interest in selling to you any particular solution - is exactly what you need. 
Lessons on demand: Music production is a long process to learn from A to Z. With so many different aspects, some students might be interested in specific topics, e.g. compression, equalization, recording of one specific instrument. Lessons on demand will be tailored specifically to satisfy each student's needs.

Recording theory lessons – from beginner to advanced
Mixing lessons – from beginner to advanced
Mastering lessons – from beginner to advanced
On demand lessons – tailored to your specific needs

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